3…2…1…Lift Off!!!!

by Erica on May 15, 2013

As I said on my FaceBook account earlier today, “Holy Shitake!”

It was about a month ago that I learned about Blog Talk Radio, after discovering a fellow coach’s radio show.  I enjoyed her show, and began exploring the website.  Soon I found myself floating topic ideas for my own imaginary show, and became really excited about it.

I created a “listener” account, and began checking out other shows and hosts.  I did some research on host accounts, and kept exploring.  Soon I felt the push to create my own show.

The only experience I had in radio was through a job I held at an “oldies” radio station in 1999.  I sold radio advertising for them shortly after my college graduation.  Well, really, I TRIED to sell radio ads for them.  It turns out all the major accounts in the region were already being managed by our “Senior Radio Marketing Consultant,” which left very little, if any, business for myself and the other two Consultants on staff.

Because of this, I, and the other two Consultants, had a lot of downtime, and our radio show hosts began to use us in the advertisements they created.  I remember being asked to make background sounds for a car dealership ad once.  Not exactly what I had in mind when I studied marketing as an undergrad in college, but it kept us occupied for part of the day at least, and the radio show hosts were definitely a lot of fun.

Fortunately, my husband and I relocated a few months into the job, and I found a position elsewhere.  While I enjoyed the energy of the radio station and met many great people there, selling ads (and making background noises for ads) wasn’t really my thing.

Imagine my surprise when, 14 years later I began to consider hosting my own radio show!  I tinkered with Blog Talk Radio’s software, also known as the “studio,” and decided to take the leap and do it.

And Catch Good Health Radio was born.

The day I made the commitment to do it, I planned to offer the show monthly.  I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to book guests, and I didn’t know how much time and energy it would take.  So, I wanted to stay on the conservative side.

And then three hours passed- really- and the three people I had contacted about being guests on the show all jumped at the opportunity.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was!

I should also mention that when I started to consider who I would contact to be a guest on the show, many, many individuals came to mind.  I’ve always felt fortunate to have my friends and family in my life, but when I really started to think about guests on the show- I realized just how freaking amazing they really are and how profound their ‘stories’ are!

With three guests lined up, I realized there was no way I was going to have only one show a month.  With this, my monthly show turned into a bi-weekly show on Wednesdays at 1pm, and I now have guests booked through July 10th, including a special edition on Saturday, June 15th.

The Catch Good Health Radio show officially launched today- Wednedsay, May 15th at 1pm EST.  Today’s guest was Adventurer and Life Coach, Wendy Battino.

Adventurer & Life Coach, Wendy Battino Adventurer & Life Coach, Wendy Battino

I was so excited when I booked Wendy as my first guest (thank you Wendy!!!), but it wasn’t until I went through the experience of the show with her that I realized she was the absolute perfect guest to have on first.  I took a huge leap when I created Catch Good Health Radio, and today was a big adventure for me!  Who better to take on the adventure  than an actual Adventure Coach?

The other perk of having Wendy on today was that we are both Life Coaches, and we trained together with Martha Beck through Martha’s Life Coach Training program.  So, when there was one minute left before going on the air, and my nerves began to get the best of me, we took deep breaths together and centered and grounded ourselves.  It was just what I needed before leaping.

Wendy is a total rockstar, and I think you’ll find her to be incredibly inspiring- especially if you’re stuck in your comfort zone and need a little prodding to try something new.  And, as she says during the show, you don’t have to go on a 300 mile trek through Alaska with sled dogs to have an adventure of your own.  Wendy suggested taking baby steps towards what feels right.

I’m so happy to share that Catch Good Health Radio is my latest adventure, and I look forward to seeing where it takes me.

Many, many thanks to all those who listened to the live broadcast, the ladies who called in (thanks Mom, and especially my dear friend Deb who called from Switzerland!!!), those of you who are listening to the archive, all of you who encouraged and support me in going for it, my friends who helped promote it (thanks Jen!!!) and of course, to Wendy, for being the perfect first guest!

If you missed the live show, but would like to check out the recording, the link is below.

Please tune in for my next show on Wednesday, May 29th at 1pm EST when I interview Kara Passante.  Kara is a thriving 32-year old married mother of two adorable little girls who discovered she had breast cancer while nursing her youngest.  Her story will truly inspire, inform, and motivate you.

To learn more about all of my future guests, please click on the “events” link in the menu above.

And, last but not least- please don’t forget- good health is contagious and you can pass it on!

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