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by Erica on July 11, 2013

I am feeling so fortunate to have had so many terrific ladies on Catch Good Health Radio so far! Many thanks and enormous gratitude to Wendy, Kara, Megan, Catherine, Jen, and Amanda! I cannot believe how many amazing people are in my life, and how inspiring their stories truly are.

Amanda & Aunt Mary Amanda & Aunt Mary, back in the day…

Yesterday I interviewed my good friend, Amanda Curchin, about her experience of donating her kidney to her Aunt who was suffering from kidney disease. We talked about what Amanda’s life was like prior to the transplant, what her Aunt’s quality of life was like at the time, how Amanda came to the decision to donate her kidney, and how they both did following the surgery.

Everything Amanda shared was unbelievable, informative, and inspiring. However, there was one thing on my mind following the show that we never discussed… How clean her decision to donate her kidney truly was.

Amanda didn’t donate her kidney out of fear or guilt. She never said she “should” do it either. She gave it much thought, and it came from a place of love.

She shared that one of the key reasons why she decided to do so was because of her own relationship with her grandparents. She wanted her cousins’ children to be able to have a similar relationship with their Grandmother, Amanda’s Aunt. This is also the reason why she feels she had very little nervousness throughout the process. Her decision felt clean and right.  It wasn’t fear-based.  I think this is a great lesson for us all.

Many thanks again to Amanda for being my guest on Catch Good Health Radio yesterday, and for doing so on such a special day! Yesterday was one year ago to the day that she and her Aunt went into surgery together. So happy to share that they are both doing very, very well, and are both enjoying life.

If you missed the show, you can check it out here:

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