Juicing 101 & Shout Out to Fellow MilSpouses!

by Erica on October 1, 2013

Hi Catch Good Health Peeps!

On Wednesday, October 9th at 12pm EST, Juicing 101 officially launches!  Juicing 101 is a live, interactive, one-hour webinar, and you’ll learn everything you need to know, in order to juice fresh fruits and veggies. I’ll be sharing a live audio and visual feed, and we’ll be able to talk and chat along the way.  I’ll also be doing a live demo and will be making my favorite green juice.

CGH Juicing 101 Logo

Some of the topics we’ll be discussing include the benefits of juicing, where to get affordable and fresh produce, the different types of juicers, how to juice, juicing recipes, and my very own tips and tricks.

And most importantly…it’ll be FUN!!  No formal, fluffy stuff here.  My webinars are casual, relaxed, and enjoyable.

Here’s what a past participant shared about Juicing 101 during development…  “Erica made juicing fun!  Her Juicing 101 webinar was informative and educational…Erica is funny, smart and down to earth.  I felt excited and empowered to ramp up my juicing!”

Now…onto my shout out to my fellow MilSpouses…  You guys ROCK!!!!!  Seriously, you rock.  I know very few people who are as flexible, brave, and resilient as my military spouse friends.  And who else can move at the drop of a hat, or stay connected to their spouses while they’re a world away for a year at a time?  As a military spouse for 13+ years now, I know times have been stressful, and today’s government shutdown doesn’t help at all…

IMG_3820 Me with Robin Roberts at a Good Morning America FRG Outing!

Therefore, in honor of my fellow military spouses, I’m offering a $10 discount to military spouses for my Juicing 101 webinars on October 9th and November 14th.  I’m also offering the webinar FREE to military spouses whose spouses were furloughed today (contractors, technicians, and ADOS Guard members).

The cost of Juicing 101 for my fellow milspouses is $19, and for my fellow milspouses whose spouses were just furloughed- it’s free.  For everyone else, it’s $29, and is payable through PayPal.

To get your military spouse discount, please use this code: MilSpRock01

If your family was just furloughed, please email me and I’ll arrange for your free webinar-  office {at} catchgoodhealth {dot} com.

So…while we sit and wait for our government to get back up and running, we might as well get our juicing on!!!  🙂

You can register for the October 9th webinar by clicking here: Juicing 101 10/9 Registration

To learn more, click here: Juicing 101

Don’t forget, good health is contagious…pass it on!  


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