Bring it…nature!!!

by Erica on October 11, 2013

I’ve always loved the outdoors. I grew up in NYC, and spent weekends and summers along the Delaware River. While I continue to love many things about the City, I especially love fresh air, sunshine, trees, green grass, sprawling fields, mountains, lakes, rivers, and the wildlife that lives there.

Kayaking this summer with my friend, Mandy Kayaking this summer with my friend, Mandy

Unfortunately, though, I also love technology, and have been busy with life lately…and my iphone, ipad, and mac… So, perhaps I’m not as connected to nature as I would prefer these days, even with a beautiful yard and gorgeous wildlife that strolls through the yard daily.

Fortunately, all that’s about to change… At the suggestion of an upcoming CGH Radio guest, Christina Brandt, I contacted Michael Trotta with the Sagefire Institute. Michael, and his wife Lynn, use ancient and universal practices for awareness to connect people to a deeper awareness and relationship with themselves, the earth, and others. One of these ancient and universal practices is sit spot.

What is sit spot you ask? Great question! I’m about to find out… Michael graciously agreed to be a guest on CGH Radio, and he also invited me to participate in his “Sitting on Purpose” e-course. It’s a 30-day sit spot challenge, where you go to the same spot outdoors for 20 minutes or more daily to re-connect with nature and yourself. Everyday, the Sagefire Institute will email me a challenge and directions for the day, and I’ll be able to access the course online to learn more.

Looking forward to seeing how the next 30 days go, as I’ve heard great things about the program. Wish me luck, and good weather too. Rain or shine, I’ll be outside for a few minutes everyday, in nature.

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