Creating a Daily Practice for Body, Mind, & Soul

by Erica on November 13, 2013

I had an amazing CGH Radio Show today, and my guest was the fabulous Jen Trulson.  We spoke about the need to nourish your body, mind, and soul- daily.  It ultimately boils down to having compassion for yourself, loving yourself, and listening to your body’s needs.

Jen shared some awesome tips to help us develop a daily practice, one of which was to create your own “support system.”  Jen has a folder of inspiration that she refers to when she needs a little motivation and encouragement.  She also has a list of hilarious youtube videos she enjoys and I Love Lucy DVDs that she loves to laugh at.  She consciously created a support system of fun things she knows she can count on to give herself a boost when she needs it.  I love this!

Many, many thanks to Jen for coming on CGH Radio.  Loved the show, and loved all the wisdom you shared with us!

For more tips, and to listen to our show, click here:

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