Walking Meditation

by Erica on November 18, 2013

Master Coach Chris Brandt was my guest on Catch Good Health Radio on 10/16, and shared information and resources about yet another way to meditate- through walking.  Chris leads walks along el Camino de Santiago.


Chris also designs and creates labyrinths, and uses labyrinths as a form of walking meditation. She explained the 3 R’s of walking meditation- to release, receive, and return.  As you begin your walk, you release your thoughts and whatever is troubling you.  As you reach the center of the labyrinth, you pause and receive whatever it is that you need- peace, quiet, or information.  Some use this time to say a prayer.  When you begin to walk back out of the labyrinth, you’re returning back out to the world.

If you’re interested in finding a labyrinth near you, please check out the Veriditas organization.  They offer a world-wide labyrinth locator.

To learn more about labyrinths, Chris’ walks along el Camino de Santiago, and tips on connecting with your divine self, please check out our archived show below:

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