Wow. The MBI Coaches’ Summit…

by Erica on March 20, 2014

I just returned from the bi-annual Martha Beck Coaches Summit in beautiful San Diego, CA.  It was my first Summit, and it was even more profound and spectacular than I expected.  It was a gathering of the Tribe.  Words really don’t do it justice.

Gail Kenny, Ashley Folsom, & I

Martha spoke several times, and her partner Karen, and son Adam, also attended.  J-Vo (aka Jennifer Voss) and J-Stew (aka Jessica Steward) did an unbelievable job as Summit Co-Chairs, as did everyone else involved in the planning and implementation of the event!  And I loved, loved, loved seeing my instructors, colleagues, and friends in person, finally.

The workshops offered were unbelievable, as were the optional activities.  I seriously wanted to attend all of them, but…I had to select just a few.  I decided to stick with the workshops that I found most interesting that were led be coaches I didn’t normally interact with.

My first workshop was Nona Jordan’s “Getting into Your Financial Flow.”  Loads of great, eye opening info.  And, I loved learning that she’s also married to a military officer.  The two biggest take aways were to consider money as a relationship you’d have with a person.  If you want to welcome someone into your life, what would you do?  Second, you have to have internal, as well as external, mastery.

Next was “Coaching and…Using Coaching to Serve Your Art- A Panel Discussion with Bridgette Boudreau & Friends.”  Bridgette is the CEO of MBI, and is a total powerhouse.   She also swears, which both myself, and my best friend Alyce, absolutely love.  Alexis Robin, Sheila Whittington, and Indrani Goradia joined her on the panel.  All the ladies were fantastic, and I was especially awe struck after learning about Indrani’s work.  As a coach, she developed the non-profit Indrani’s Light Foundation, which works towards “global solutions to end gender violence.”  Unbelievable.

Sunset in Coronado, CA

Session three was “Dancing with Desire and Detachment- How to Give Up Grasping, Abandon Attachment, and Get What You Really, Really, want with Terry Demeo.”  Terry is yet another power house.  Just her voice alone makes you want to become the best coach you can possibly become.  And then there’s the whole “The Work” thing she is so good at.

Following Terry’s morning session, I had a great lunch with the Tribe, and wound up sitting at a table with Pam Ballo and Sue Glueck.  Alyce and I chatted with them for quite a while, and we had so many hilarious laughs.  Pam and Sue are now convinced that if they had a love child, I would be it.  They seriously crack me up.

Eventually I asked them what they were doing that afternoon.  Turns out they were headed to the same ‘optional activity’ I was- Supernatural Coaching.  I had no idea what this event was going to be about, but it sounded interesting, and Alyce signed me up for it.  (I was slow with the sign up sheets…)  Eventually we discovered that Pam and Sue were going because they were facilitating the event.  I could not stop laughing, and followed them to the meeting space.

Martha, Adam, & I

Yet again, words won’t do it justice, but suffice it to say, Pam’s gifts are part John of God, part Abraham Hicks, and part Rodney Dangerfield.  Yes, I used Rodney Dangerfield in the same sentence with John of God and Abraham Hicks…  She had kept her gifts under the radar for quite a while, but is now ready to step out and let them shine.  She was unbelievable, and we’re already talking about her coming on CGH Radio soon, so keep an eye out!

I took the rest of that afternoon off, and then went to the African Soul Drumming and Dancing evening spectacular.  Wow.  They were unbelievable as well!  Had a great time hanging out with a few of my favorite peeps and fellow coaches- Jen Gotti, Shawna O’Hagan Morrow, and her hubby Dan.

Last but not least…I attended “The Six Body Types” with ChrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke.  It was a crash course in energy and connection, and was fantastic as well.  They are terrific presenters, and I soaked in as much as I possibly could from them.  Loads of great info and wisdom.

Had a great lunch with the Tribe that afternoon, was able to spend a little time with Martha and Adam Beck, and then headed to the Hotel del Coronado for an amazing sunset.  Ahhhhh…

Alyce & my first ever "selfie," in La Jolla, CA

We truly went non-stop through the Summit, but thanks to the weather gods, Alyce’s flight was delayed one day, and we were able to spend an unexpected day in one of my favorite places on Earth- La Jolla, CA.  I am mesmerized every time I am there…  We managed to take our first ever “selfie,” and also rented a Prius for the day.  I wound up having to call my dear friend Leslie to ask how to start it.  (Thanks Leslie!!!)

I couldn’t conclude this post without acknowledging the insanely healthy and tasty food I had all week!!  My oh my, it is so much easier to eat healthy in California.  And boy is it delicious!!  Can’t wait for the next Summit.  🙂

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