What’s for Breakfast?

by Erica on April 27, 2014

IMG_5809I spoke at a workshop of fellow military spouses and volunteers recently, and one of the questions I was asked was, “What do you eat for breakfast?”

Fortunately for the lovely lady who asked the question, my best friend, Alyce, is a breakfast expert.  And…she passed her knowledge on to me.  (Catching good health, baby!!)

If I’m not making myself a green juice for breakfast, this tends to be my regular go-to meal now.  Please know I use the word “meal” on purpose.  I’m a big believer that we need bigger and better breakfasts, especially if we’re going to have a long, busy day.  We need the fuel in the morning, so eat up.

First- steaming veggies…  I bought a very inexpensive, small, silicon steamer to use.  I like the larger sauce pot steamers too, but I prefer this one because it’s less expensive, less to clean, takes up less space in my cabinets, and is easy to travel with.  A heads up though, depending on how large the pot is you’re using the silicon steamer with, you may not be able to fit as many veggies in the silicon steamer as you can with a sauce pot steamer.  Here’s the steamer I have: Chef’n Sleekstor VeggiSteam 8-1/2-Inch Silicone Steamer, Arugula

What to steam?  Today I steamed broccoli and kale.  Even if you are kale-averse, give steamed kale a try.  It’s very different from raw kale and kale chips.  Sometimes I steam carrots too.  Get creative- give other veggies a whirl.  I take my veggies out once I can put a fork through them without having to stab them.  Please don’t over cook them though.  The more cooking, the less nutrients are left.

On to dairy…  I used to eat loads of eggs, bacon, and toast, until I learned more about nutrition and animal protein.  These days, I prefer to limit my animal protein consumption.  If I want an egg or two, I boil them, and have them a couple times a week.  I’m not a big yolk fan, so I give those to my very happy puppy dogs.  They like eggs.

On days when I’m not having eggs, I sometimes have a greek yogurt and add gronola to it.  Udi’s gluten free granola is my preferred one now, but there are many others out there that are good too. This is my favorite Udi’s granola, as I’m a sucker for cranberries: Udi’s Gluten Free Granola, Cranberry, 12-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 3)

One thing I just learned from Alyce was avocado on brown rice cakes.  I love avocado, but I wasn’t sold on this until I finally tried it last month.  Oh my goodness.  It is truly yummy.  I use half an avocado per rice cake.  The brown rice cakes I buy are gluten and sodium free.  I don’t get the flavored ones- I steer clear of them.  Alyce also swears by peanut butter on the rice cakes.  Haven’t tried it yet, but I plan to soon.  Will keep you posted!

Something else I have some mornings is brown rice with fresh cilantro.  I squeeze lime juice on it too.  Lime juice makes nearly everything more delicious!  That trick is something my doctor taught me.  Smart, smart man.

Now it’s time to share my secret weapon…  Pink Himalayan Salt.  If you don’t have it yet, do yourself a favor and buy some.  It tastes much different than regular salt, and I add it to my steamed veggies, as well as my avocado rice cake treat.  I hesitated putting salt on avocado, but I absolutely love it now. Here’s the salt that Alyce totally turned me on to, and guess what? It’s on clearance too. Can’t beat it.  Frontier Natural Products – Gourmet Salt Grinder Himalayan Pink Salt – 3.4 oz. CLEARANCE PRICED

So…there you have it- my usual go-to breakfasts.  There are some days I’m running late and have to scrap something, but I try really hard to not do that too often.  I keep a few store bought smoothies in the fridge in case I am in a rush, but I feel much better when I eat a good, healthy breakfast.  I can tell my body appreciates it too, especially if I’m headed to the gym that day.  I’ve got the fuel that I need.

On a side note, the items I shared above are things I really like, that I use myself.  Since I have bills to pay and many pets to feed (long story), I shared them through my Amazon Affiliate link.  I don’t get much per sale, truly it’s very minimal, and there’s no mark up for you.  Amazon just gives a very small percentage of the usual price to it’s Affiliates.  Maybe in a few years it’ll cover a dinner out with my sweet hubby.  😉

Please let me know what you think if you try any of these out, and please let me know what you like for breakfast!  I love hearing from you guys.

And…don’t forget- good health is contagious…pass it on!

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