Have You Ever Eaten Solo in a Restaurant?

by Erica on November 4, 2014

During my husband’s last deployment, I finally sat in a restaurant by myself and ate a meal.  It was an Olive Garden.  My table was in the bar area, a small table, where most of us were either alone, in a rush, or both.

I found myself uncomfortable, but I survived, and I had a full belly when I left.  I didn’t eat solo in a restaurant again for several more months.  Instead, I was getting take out- particularly “car side to go,” often.  Or, I’d skip a meal, or eat even worse food…

Thankfully, my “eating solo” strategies have improved since then, as have my diet and eating habits!

Cafes, diners, restaurants, and pizzerias are fair game for me now.  (I’m actually writing this on my iPad, while eating alone at my favorite pizzeria.)  I’d prefer to eat with a friend or loved one, but I don’t run in the other direction if I’m by myself and hungry.  I have no idea why I used to think I couldn’t or shouldn’t eat alone while out…but I know I am not the only one with that thought.

So, my question for you is…  Have you ever skipped a meal, or chosen to eat something less healthy, in order to avoid eating out alone?  If you do this regularly, wanna give flying solo a whirl?

I’ve now discovered that other people are more uncomfortable with seeing me eat alone, than my actually eating alone.  Many servers are even more baffled when I pass on salad dressing.  I think that freaks them out even more.  Fortunately, neither of these issues are mine to deal with.

So, what say you?  Do you eat alone on the fly, or do you avoid it like I used to?   Do you ever eat less healthy food as a result?

If you do, is it worth it?

Ericaeating alone

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Barbara Cox November 16, 2014 at 9:53 pm

I’ve never wanted to eat alone in a restaurant, and am still not comfortable with it now. Forget about cooking for 1 during deployment (hello, cheese & crackers)! Ended up joining Weight Watchers & got healthy that way :). Thanks for sharing your experience.


Erica January 19, 2015 at 11:25 pm

Hi Barbara- so sorry for the delay in responding! I hear you on the cheese and crackers!! Lol Good for you on getting healthy!! That’s awesome. 🙂


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