Trying to Get Healthier?

by Erica on January 20, 2015

Trying to get healthier has been a journey.  It’s also been a dance- two steps forward, one step back.  Sometimes a few steps forwards, and other times several steps back.

And I purposely say healthier instead of healthy, as who gets to define what healthy means?  What does it mean to be healthy?  I’ve met plenty of physically “healthy” people who were more train wreck than zen.  Your physical body doesn’t matter all too much if your’e hurting and in pain emotionally and spiritually.

I focus on getting healthier, one step at a time.  Body, mind, and soul.  And to build momentum from those steps.  I also had to kick perfectionism to the curb.  That was a doozy…

If you’re trying to eat better, get more active, heal from an illness, learn how to meditate, or take better care of yourself, please stop beating yourself up when you don’t do it perfectly.

Too many of us strive for perfection, or what we think perfection looks like.  In reality, do we even know what being perfect is?  Is it really looking perfect that we’re more focused on?

Focusing on getting healthier, because you deserve it, is truly the key to better health.

Please let go of trying to lose weight in order to look good.  Work on getting healthier because you value yourself, because you love yourself, because you want to be here with those you love, enjoying this crazy adventure called life.

Weight loss will come (if your body needs it) when you take care of yourself.  It’s a happy side effect to a healthier lifestyle.  And by healthier lifestyle I don’t mean restrictive diets and getting on The Biggest Loser.  I mean real foods that nourish you, physical activity you enjoy (yes, it can happen), healthy relationships, spiritual connection, healing old wounds, and a healthy perspective.

Be flexible in your journey- see what works for you and what doesn’t.  But remember- to make changes you have to do things differently.  The old way really didn’t work all that well, did it?

Keep an opened mind, give something new a whirl.

Get over all of your past impressions of food.  Let it all go and start over.  (If I hear one more person say “I don’t like vegetables…”)  It’s amazing how your pallet changes when you stop eating high sodium and high sugar foods, and get away from processed foods.

When you try to limit these types of foods, you may get cranky as hell.  Been there, done that.  Oh the cravings were awful!  And even today, if I eat a little too much sugar the cravings start again.  It’s amazing how powerful sodium and sugar can be.

If you’re interested in better understanding why some foods have such a grip on us, watch this video.  Doug Lisle wrote “The Pleasure Trap,” and taught part of a certificate in nutrition I completed.  Fascinating stuff.

If you’re like me, along your health journey you may need some extra support or assistance.  I learned after a few years that I needed help learning the things I did not know.  (Yes, that took a few years!)  The books and CDs just weren’t enough.  So, I reached out to those that I thought could help me and created my own team of healers.  It was exactly what I needed.

Please get in touch if you feel like you could use some help on your health journey.  I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.  I love helping peeps get healthier- body, mind, and soul!  Because, truly, you deserve it.

Big hugs,

 Good health is contagious…pass it on!



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