Confused by nutrition?

by Erica on June 25, 2015

Hi folks!

When I watch tv, go online, or read a newspaper or magazine, I see loads of information about food.  Sometimes it’s in an ad, and other times it’s an article or the latest research study.

And most times the information is conflicting and confusing.

Remember the days when fat was “bad?”  Everything suddenly had a “low fat” option- even Oreos!  Now fats are considered important staples of our diets.  But I still see “low fat” options in the grocery store.

How often have you been told to count calories or “watch what you eat?”

There are loads of diets out there- and they promise great results.  But how do you know which diet to follow, what foods to eat, and what foods to avoid?

Licensed Nutritionist, Billie Walton, and I get how confusing all this information is, so we’ve decided to do a series of Catch Good Health Radio shows on the topic.

Our first show was yesterday, “The Basics of Nutrition.”  Great tips and strategies for people trying to eat healthier.  You can listen to the show here:

Check Out Health Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Catch Good Health on BlogTalkRadio

Billie and I have two additional shows scheduled so far- Children’s Nutrition will be on July 22nd at 1pm EST, and on August 19th at 1pm EST we’ll be discussing Nutrition for Weight Loss.

I am also super proud to share that I’ve hosted over 45 shows on Catch Good Health Radio in the last two years!  They were all recorded and archived, and available through the link above, as well as on iTunes.  I’ve talked about a huge variety of health topics- physical health, as well as emotional, spiritual, occupational, and psychological health.  Please check out the archive!

I’m excited about the upcoming shows I’ve got scheduled, and the new ideas I have for CGH Radio.  I’m now calling it Catch Good Health Radio 2.0. 🙂

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