CGH Radio 049: Dr. Pam Popper on the Right Diet, Being a Smart Medical Consumer, & Nutrition with Autoimmune Disease

by Erica on June 27, 2016

CGH Radio 049

On this episode of Catch Good Health Radio, Erica speaks with Dr. Pam Popper, about what the actual “right” diet is for human beings, how to be a smart medical consumer, and how to help your body heal autoimmune disease with nutrition.  Erica and Pam also talk about the health of the U.S., and what is causing so much obesity and disease in our communities.

For those of you not familiar with Pam, she is a naturopath, an internationally recognized expert on nutrition, medicine and health, and the Executive Director of Wellness Forum Health.  Pam serves on the Physician’s Steering Committee and the President’s Board for the Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine in Washington D.C.

Pam has also served as part of Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s teaching team at eCornell, teaching part of a certification course on plant-based nutrition, and has been featured in many widely distributed documentaries, including Processed People and Making a Killing and Forks Over Knives, which played in major theaters throughout North America in 2011. She is one of the co-authors of the companion book which was on the New York Times bestseller list for 66 weeks. Her most recent book is Food Over Medicine: The Conversation That Can Save Your Life.

Together, Erica and Pam discuss great tips for people who want to get healthier, and Pam answers a question from a mom concerned about her daughter’s diet while at college.  Please check it out!

And don’t forget – good health is contagious…pass it on!™

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Vickie Hill June 28, 2016 at 9:58 am

Loved the conversation ! Dr Popper was talking a little fast , you really have to listen closely …
My daughter has been diagnosed with Crohns , what you talked about finding the right Dr , they have really give her the run around !! She doesn’t want to do the drugs ,thank goodness !, she has many food allergies , mostly doing paleo diet ,gluten free any advise you have , since you said you have Crohns would be appreciated


Erica July 8, 2016 at 3:32 pm

Hi Vickie! Thanks so much for sharing and tuning in!! Best wishes to your daughter, it is definitely a difficult adjustment when developing a chronic illness and figuring out the best way to treat it and heal yourself (if possible). I think the biggest piece of advice I could offer is for her to find the right balance for her. I would not rule out medications totally, I do think they have a role and are important, particularly when acutely sick. But there is a balance, and of course, side effects need to be seriously considered too. Looking back I wish I had found a functional medicine doctor early on who valued research and would have advocated for nutritional approaches as well for long term health and maintenance. And one who would explore what could be triggering my immune system. Thankfully I have that now, but I think finding a doctor (or doctors) like this early on could be a game changer. I suspect I would not have suffered nearly as much had I had one back then. Let me know if you’d like to talk sometime, I do offer free initial health consults, and one-on-one health education and wellness coaching. My best to you and your daughter!


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