30 Days of Wellness

by Erica on July 13, 2017

Hi folks,

I’m excited to share that my friend, Personal Trainer Erin Hundley, and I are launching 30 DAYS OF WELLNESS this winter!

30 DAYS OF WELLNESS is a great way to kick things into high gear and get healthier this summer.  This is not a “cleanse,” nor are we aiming for perfection.  We’ll teach you how to live healthfully- based on your interests, goals, and resources.

The program begins January 14th, and includes workshops on nutrition and stress management, three weekly workouts, individual coaching with Erin and I, a private online community, and more.  And, the best part is you can do it anywhere- it’s entirely online and live.

Registration just opened, Black Friday Deal extends through November 30th.  We’re also offering a buddy discount, so please bring a friend!  We hope you’ll join us.  🙂

 To learn more, click here.

And don’t forget- good health is contagious…pass it on!™

Take Care,


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