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The Catch Good Health® Radio Show is hosted by CGHradio-1400x1400Health Educator & Wellness Coach, Erica Haray-Butcher, and launched live on May 15th, 2013 at 1pm EST.

It’s a fun and casual 45-minute radio show with informative and lighthearted conversations about all things health-related.  We talk about the various dimensions of health and wellness- physical, social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, occupational, and environmental.

You can search through the shows by using the media player above, by topic via the “search my blog” option in the right column, or you can scroll through them below.  If you use the below list, you’ll also find photos of the guests when you click on the links.

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Catch Good Health® Radio On-Demand:

CGH Radio 055: Monica Davis on her Son’s Journey with PANDAS

CGH Radio 054: Tips for Improving Your Financial “Wealth-being,” with Jennifer Faherty

CGH Radio 052: Tips for Conflict Avoiders & Listening to Your Physical Symptoms, with CrisMarie Campbell & Susan Clarke

CGH Radio 051: Learning about the LGBTQ Community, with Advocate Chelsea Moroski

CGH Radio 050: Exercise Tips for New Moms, with Personal Trainer Kelsey Searles

CGH Radio 049: Dr. Pam Popper on the Right Diet, Being a Smart Medical Consumer, & Nutrition with Autoimmune Disease

CGH Radio 048: How Woman Can Up their Workout Game, with Personal Trainer, Erin Hundley

CGH Radio 047: Three Tips for Integrating Nature into Your Wellness, with Wendy Battino

CGH Radio 046: Natalie Reese on Losing Yourself to Find Yourself & Accessing your Akashic Record

CGH Radio 045: Caroline Greene’s 4 Tips to Building a Life & Biz that Matter

CGH Radio 044: Erica & Billie Chat about Children’s Nutrition & Helping them Eat Better

CGH Radio 043: Erica Chats with Nutritionist, Billie Walton, on the Basics of Nutrition

CGH Radio 042: Author, Speaker, & Coach, Ruth Davis, on Taking Action & Getting Unstuck

CGH Radio 041: Master Coach Susan Hyatt on Lessons Learned through her Travels

CGH Radio 040: Erica Chats with Author, Breast Cancer Survivor, & Fellow Coach, Jenn McRobbie

CGH Radio 039: Life Coaches Erica, Shawna, & Jen Talk Courage

CGH Radio 038: Listening to Your Body to Improve Your Health, with Dr. Karen Hammers

CGH Radio 037: Money Coach, Nona Jordan, on Finding Your Financial Flow

CGH Radio 036: Finding Healing through Shamanism with Dr. Sarah Seidelman 

CGH Radio 035: Erica & Adam on Making Every Day Count

CGH Radio 034: Thriving Throughout the Holidays, with Best Friends & Life Coaches, Alyce & Erica

CGH Radio 033: Dr. Karen Hammers on Depression, Suicide, & Mental Health

CGH Radio 032: Living Fully with Bipolar Disorder, with Author Morgan Molthrop

CGH Radio 031: Animal Symbolism & Metaphors, with Nature-Based Coach, Linda Bayly-Fennell

CGH Radio 030: Living Your Best Life with Chronic Illness with Erica & Vicky

CGH Radio 028: Michael Trotta on the Power of Story & Importance of Initiation

CGH Radio 027: Philanthropist & Advocate, Indrani Goradia, on Ending Gender Violence

CGH Radio 026: Stress Busting Tips with Rose & the Crew

CGH Radio 025: Erica Chats with Coach & Healer, Pam Ballow, with Rose & the Crew

CGH Radio 024: A Hopeful & Healing Conversation about the Dying Process, with Dr. Martha Jo Atkins

CGH Radio 023: Susan Hyatt on Why Being a “Good Girl” is Very Bad News

CGH Radio 022: Tracy Higginbotham on Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship

CGH Radio 021: Life Coaches Linda & Erica Talk Imperfectly about Perfectionism

CGH Radio 020: Kicking Shame to the Curb, with Coaches Shawna & Erica 

CGH Radio 019: Master Coach, Linda Bucher, on the Language of Freedom

CGH Radio 018: Best Friends & Coaches, Erica & Alyce, on…Catching Good Health!

CGH Radio 017: Healing through Energy Work, with Gail Kenny

CGH Radio 016: Michael & Lynn Trotta on Sit Spot & the Art of Inner Tracking

CGH Radio 015: Raising Teen Girls, with Master Coach Susan Hyatt

CGH Radio 014: How to Get Your Dream Job’s Interview, with Jen Gotti

CGH Radio 013: Body, Mind, & Soul, with Jen Trulson

CGH Radio 012: Master Coach Linda Bucher on Authenticity

CGH Radio 011: Christina Brandt on Labyrinths & Being Your Devine Self

CGH Radio 010: Community Gardens & More, with Lauren Tonti

CGH Radio 009: How to Talk with Your Kiddos about Sex, with Mary Dykeman

CGH Radio 008: How to Get Your Kids & Teens to Eat Better & Exercise More, with Megan Weignburgh

CGH Radio 007: The Flow of Friendships, with Psychotherapist & Life Coach, Alyce Jurgensen

CGH Radio 006: Love & Courage: A Beautiful Story about Live Organ Donation

CGH Radio 005: Life Coach Jen Gotti on Career Transitions

CGH Radio 004: The Almost Raw Vegan Lifestyle

CGH Radio 003: Personal Trainer Megan Weinburgh on a Healthy Lifestyle

CGH Radio 002: Kara Passante on Life, Kids, & Kicking Breast Cancer’s Butt

CGH Radio 001: Welcoming Adventure with Adventurer & Life Coach, Wendy Battino

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